We support cities across the world in addressing and integrating environmental considerations into their long-term strategic planning. We focus on integrated and cross-sectoral solutions to climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.

Today, 55% of the global population lives in cities. This is set to go up to 68% by 2050, adding another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050. 

Cities contribute 60% of global GDP but rapid and unplanned urbanization worsens the triple planetary crisis. Yet, cities are key players in addressing environmental challenges; 70% of climate solutions are within subnational jurisdictions. UNEP supports cities worldwide in mitigating their environmental impacts and increasing resilience of urban systems, focusing on buildings, transport, food, energy, cooling, biodiversity, and more.


Our work on Cities is carried out through public-private partnerships, often involving partners, collaborating centers and networks.


Cities Unit