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Image: Tomas van Dijk, TU Delta

In late 2020, the European Commission unveiled its plans for a ‘renovation wave’ across Europe, aiming for a doubling of the rate of renovations in the next decade. Countries across North-West Europe are now looking for approaches to realize these ambitions.  

The SBE Regional Conference Innovations for the Urban Energy Transition brings professionals and researchers together to discuss the implementation of leading-edge solutions to some of our greatest societal challenges around the energy transition in the building sector. 

The conference is focused on how to achieve a rapid pace of building renovations across Europe.  

Conference themes include:​

  • Renovation concepts for housing
  • Renovation concepts for non-residential buildings
  • Innovative technologies
  • Low temperature heating solutions for buildings
  • District energy systems
  • Energy harvesting and storage on a building scale
  • Smart, energy-flexible buildings, smart monitoring, management & control
  • Energy performance of buildings
  • Behaviour of building owners and users
  • Value chain innovation
  • Policies and regulations
  • The energy transition in progress
  • Sustainability assessment of mitigation measures
  • Assessment of existing buildings
  • Energy transition & climate change
  • Digitalization for innovation

Organizing committee

The SBE22 Delft conference is organized and hosted by TU Delft and TNO, with the support of BTIC and the TU Delft Urban Energy Institute, as part of the SBE series. The organizing committee is responsible for the program, venue and all conference aspects to guarantee a successful and memorable experience for all the participants.

Nancy Westerlaken | Organizing Committee Chair

Henk Visscher | Scientific Chair
TU Delft  

Sarah Marchionda | Conference Manager
TU Delft 

Linda Hoes-van Oeffelen | Program Chair  

Karin Kompatscher | Publicity Chair