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UNEP supports countries to protect, restore and sustainably manage forests through the UN-REDD programme and other initiatives. 

Forests are essential to keep global temperature rise to 2C. They are our best natural ally in reducing emissions while enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem benefits.

Forests can contribute up to 4 GtCO2e/year to close the emissions gap. They provide crucial reservoirs of biodiversity, keep the planet cool and healthy, and contribute to the economic, social and cultural lives of Indigenous peoples.

To keep forests standing, UNEP supports countries to:

- access REDD+ financing from upfront and results-based payments, and diverse financial mechanisms;

- deliver high-quality and high-integrity emissions reductions from forests with strong social and environmental safeguards; and,

- strengthen ambitions and commitment to sustainable forest management through knowledge and advocacy efforts.

UNEP also supports 65 countries in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) through the UN-REDD programme. 


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Partnerships, networks, centres & programmes collaborating with UNEP

The work of UNEP on forests is carried out through public-private partnerships, often involving partners, collaborating centres, programmes and networks


The work of UNEP on forests is led by the Climate Change Mitigation Unit.