Regional SBE Conference

Innovations for the Urban Energy Transition:

Preparing for the European Renovation Wave

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Apr 19-21 – 2022

Energy renovation sector

This conference is for researchers, government officials, companies and professionals working in the energy renovation sector.

Conference theme include:

– Renovation concepts for housing
– Renovation concepts for non-residential buildings
– Innovative technologies
– Low temperature heating solutions for buildings
– District energy systems
– Energy harvesting and storage on a building scale
– Smart, energy-flexible buildings, smart monitoring, management & control
– Energy performance of buildings
– Behaviour of building owners and users
– Value chain innovation
– Policies and regulations
– The energy transition in progress
– Sustainability assessment of mitigation measures
– Assessment of existing buildings
– Energy transition & climate change - consequences for cooling-related energy demand and solar cooling

300+ colleagues

Don’t miss the chance to connect with 300+ colleagues in-person, in a Coronavirus-safe environment, to share ideas on state-of-the-art approaches for accelerating Europe’s energy renovation wave.

The conference will include:

– Keynote presentations
– Plenary sessions
– Scientific paper presentations
– Industry and policy roundtables, presentations and panel discussions connected to current policy and events
– Site visits
– Networking

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