Digital transformation can help advance environmental goals

Digital Transformations

UNEP harnesses the power of technology-driven solutions to advance environmental goals while mitigating digitalization risks.

Our use of technology creates the biggest risks and opportunities to planet Earth and its inhabitants. Unleashing its potential while ensuring sustainable digitalization is key.

Digital technologies can catalyze progress towards the environmental goals of the Agenda 2030 – but not without risks. While digitalization creates opportunities by increasing the availability of environmental data and enabling innovative solutions, it also introduces environmental risks related to pollution and overconsumption of natural resources, among others. UNEP works to ensure digital technologies and digital public infrastructure worldwide contribute to advancing environmental sustainability and are sustainable by design. 

We take a systemic approach: nurturing sustainability-focused digital infrastructures, norms and incentives and fostering new technological solutions to complex environmental challenges. 

Join us to build accessible environmental data and digital infrastructures, endorse sustainable norms and transforming technology, and promote global digital literacy for the benefit of our environment.

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Digital Transformations
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