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Evaluation in UNEP promotes learning, accountability and supports better decision-making

UNEP has launched a transformation process to become more effective in delivering its mandate, with more operational integration, clarity of focus and learning from past lessons. In this process, the evaluation function in UNEP promotes learning and accountability and is a key source of credible, timely and evidence-based information and a critical tool for decision-making.

UNEP makes use of a combination of complementary evaluations at different levels that examine different themes. The aim is to provide evaluative evidence on the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation and delivery of UNEP; identify challenges in implementation; and provide lessons and recommendations to guide the future strategic direction of the organization and improve programme formulation and implementation.

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Recent Publication

Evaluation Synthesis Report 2022-2023

The Evaluation Synthesis Report 2022-2023 summarises findings derived from the work of UNEP’s Evaluation Office. It draws on 46 in-depth evaluations of various UNEP initiatives and projects conducted in 2022 and 2023, and examines performance trends over four previous biennia: A positive performance trend continues for the proportion of evaluated projects in 2022-2023 attaining ratings in the…

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