15 August 2023 Report

UNEP Programme of Work and Budget for 2022-2023 (POW) - Annex 1 of For People and Planet

Authors: UNEP

This document presents the programme of work for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for the biennium 2022-2023, along with the associated budget. The programme of work sets out the UNEP results framework for the biennium, focused on the three strategic objectives outlined in the medium- term strategyClimate ActionNature Action and Chemicals and waste and Pollution.

The document describes the UNEP results framework in terms of a set of integrated interventions measured by relevant indicators, in line with the medium-term strategy. It sets out a theory of change for each of the three strategic objectives of the medium-term strategy: climate stability, living in harmony with nature and towards a pollution-free planet. The results framework sets out the core UNEP areas of work, consisting of three principal areas of action (encapsulated in the climate action, nature action and chemicals and pollution action thematic subprogrammes) supported by two foundational subprogrammes (science-policy and environmental governance) and two enabling subprogrammes (finance and economic transformations and digital transformations).

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