17 February 2021 Report

For people and planet: the UNEP strategy for 2022–2025

Authors: UNEP

Three interconnected crises ‒ climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution ‒ are putting global economic and social well-being at risk. They undermine opportunities to reduce poverty and improve lives, and they complicate the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Medium Term Strategy (MTS) is UNEP’s vision for reversing that trajectory. The MTS articulates UNEP’s role in delivering the promises of the 2030 Agenda, as well as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and its outcome document, “The Future We Want.”

The strategy outlines how UNEP will strengthen the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda during the period 2022‒2025, supporting countries to deliver on their environmental commitments under international agreements. 

UNEP will step into this period by driving transformative, multi-stakeholder actions that target the causes of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. In doing so, UNEP will ensure that science remains at the centre of decision-making processes, and that environmental rule of law continues to underpin global environmental governance. UNEP will boost efforts to use digital technologies for inclusive, transparent and innovative outcomes.

Recognizing the complexity and interconnectedness of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, the MTS employs seven interlinked subprogrammes for action: Climate Action, Chemicals and Pollutions Action, Nature Action, Science Policy, Environmental Governance, Finance and Economic Transformations and Digital Transformations.

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