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UNECE, UNEP, and OECD announce Platform for Action on the Green Recovery of Ukraine

Berlin, 11 June 2024 – At this week’s Ukraine Recovery Conference, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) announced the establishment of the Platform for Action on the Green Recovery of Ukraine. This joint initiative is the result of consultation with the Government of Ukraine and serves a direct response to the urgent environmental needs in Ukraine, aligning with the commitments made at international forums and conferences.

The Platform for Action on the Green Recovery of Ukraine will provide a forum for Ukrainian and international partners to define the meaning of green recovery for Ukraine, taking into considering the status of Ukraine as candidate for EU accession, and support actions to prioritise and accelerate reform of policies and legislation, practices, and institutions and to mobilise whole-of-government commitment and engagement for greening the post-war recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. It also aims to support the development of amendments to the financial constitution and financial instruments which can facilitate the implementation of the Green Recovery Strategy.

At the Ninth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference in October 2022, UNECE, UNEP, and OECD were tasked with assessing Ukraine's environmental needs and advancing sustainable recovery. The UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6) further reinforced this effort with a resolution enhancing UNEP’s mandate for environmental recovery in conflict-affected areas.

“War is, quite literally, toxic, affecting our environments and in turn, the air we breathe, our water systems, and our food systems – this new Platform aims to support the people of Ukraine in their recovery, supporting their path to a greener, more sustainable future,” said Bruno Pozzi, Deputy Director of the Ecosystems Division, UNEP.

The platform will also support the co-ordination and mobilisation of additional expertise and funding to promote a science-based, systemic, and coordinated green recovery, identify challenges and opportunities for strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of international support in close co-operation with the already existing support formats.

A coordination group will guide the Platform’s strategy and goals, with a Support Unit set up by UNEP in Kyiv to facilitate activities. The Platform’s operations will ensure that efforts contribute where needed and work in tandem with existing international efforts and mechanisms that support Ukraine during the war and for its post-war recovery.


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